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UK Shorts + directors Q&A

13 Mar 2011

A dazzling programme of the UK's most exciting cinematic women, with award-winning stars, acclaimed directors, pioneering art students, searing cinematography and unimaginable animation – not to mention a catalogue of awards from across the globe.

Introduced by Evening Standard Award-winner Natalie Press. 

Running order

Just Before Dawn
Two friends reunite in a bid to rediscover the heady days of their youth, starring Evening Standard Award-winner Natalie Press (My Summer of Love).
Dir Loren Slater, UK 2010, 11 mins.

What Light (Through Yonder Window Breaks)
Magical and luminous British Animation Award-nominee celebrating the enlivening power of sunlight.
Dir Sarah Wickens, UK 2009, 4 mins.

Electric Light Wonderland
Three people work to prepare the night of your life, packing a kinetic punch that's never released.
Dir Susanna Wallin, UK 2009, 12 mins.

Stanley Pickle
Live action and stop-frame animation combine in an enchanting story about the dangers of clockwork lives, winning Best UK Short at Raindance.
Dir Vicky Mather, UK 2010, 11 mins.

12 Sketches on the Impossibility of Being Still
An exploration of the spaces where nothing happens, using hand-drawn animation, movement and editing in an Encounters Film Festival Award-winning dance film.
Dir Magali Charrier, UK, 2010, 8 mins.

The Henhouse
In a small cafe, a hungry fox finds shelter from the rain and sets out to acquire a muffin. A gently political, beautifully drawn animation.
Dir Elena Pomares, UK 2010, 7 mins.

Starring Maxine Peake and Luke Treadaway with a script by Abi Morgan (Birdsong), award-winning stage director Elliott's (War Horse) film debut offers the magic of theatre.
Dir Marianne Elliott, UK 2010, 15 mins.


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