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Still: Two Years at Sea, Ben Rivers, 2011

Two Years at Sea

16 May 201231 May 2012

An extension of Ben Rivers’ short film This Is My Land, Two Years At Sea is a long-form portrait of a man named Jake Williams, who lives a life of solitude in a dilapidated house in the middle of the Scottish Highlands. Following this unlikely real life subject through the seasons, Rivers uses old 16mm cameras and monochrome stock to accentuate the antiquity of the curios that adorn Jake’s humble abode. This hermitic existence is something alien; Jake is entirely at one with his environs and has no desire to seek out human contact. In approaching his subject without prejudice or a clear narrative agenda, Rivers has created one of the most intimate studies of the human condition you are ever likely to see.

ICA Associate Curator of Artists’ Film and Moving Image, Steven Cairns, will lead a Q&A with director Ben Rivers following the 8.30pm screening on Friday 4 May.

Dir: Ben Rivers, UK, 2011, 88 mins.


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