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Dreaming of Decker

ICO Two films by Josephine Decker: Dreaming of Decker — A one day symposium on the Independent Cinema Office's Two Films by Josephine Decker Tour

15 Aug 2015

Artists' films, lightning talks, zines, discussions and reveries curated as a final reflection on ICO’s Two Films by Josephine Decker Tour, with Josephine Decker in attendance.


12pm   ICO introduction from Jemma Desai and Selina Robertson

12.10   Part 1

Dreaming of Decker — Landscape, hypnosis, performance
Films and lightning talks that delve into corporeal and psychological spaces.

Jenn Nkiru presents Culture v Intimacy: A short talk and video essay on how culture informs intimacy and affection. 

Women + Hair: As the Creative Director of Braidbox - a growing online hair art movement, Jenn Nkiru will give a short talk on how women are relating to their hair in 21st century.

12.25   Footnotes to a House of Love (Laida Lertxundi, 2007, 13 mins)

A series of shots in a California desert landscape in which there is a play between on frame and off frame, sound and image. There is an effort to create the space of a story, without a story, by the use of real time/diegetic sound. Love is felt as a force that determines the arrangement of the figures in the landscape.

12.40   Talk: “Decker makes me feel weird” Isabel Moir on feeling uneasy

12.55   Talk: “He’s not my Father” Selina Robertson on the Electra complex, and filmmakers between Guvnor Nelson and Josephine Decker.

13.10   Moons Pool  (Gunvor Nelson, 1973, 15 mins)

Moons Pool is a masterful and lyrical use of the film medium to portray the search for identity and resolution of self. Photographed under water, live bodies are intercut with natural landscapes creating powerful mood changes and images surfaced from the unconscious. (Freude Bartlet)

13.25   Talk: “On the importance of Brevity” a short talk on short works by Duncan Carson

13.30   Deep Sleep (Basma Alsharif, 2014, 13 mins)

A hypnosis-inducing pan-geographic shuttle built on brainwave-generating binaural beats, Deep Sleep takes us on a journey through the sound waves of Gaza to travel between different sights of modern ruin. From the ruins of an ancient civilization embedded in a modern civilization in ruins (Athens), to the derelict buildings of anonymous sites (Malta) and a site that is post-civilization (the Gaza Strip). Shot while under self-hypnosis, the performance-film asks us to move from the corporeal self to the cinema space in a collective act of bilocation that transcends the limits of geographical borders, time and space.

13.45   Picnic in the park and an introduction to ‘Wisdom Circles’ led by Chardine Taylor-Stone.

Part 2

Dreaming of Decker — Two boys, two girls
Films and lightning talks navigating gender, intuition, ritual and desire.

15.15   Talk: “Back in the dark place” Chardine Taylor-Stone on Cinematic rituals

15.30   Snow Canon (Mati Diop, 33 mins, 2011)

Snow Canon explores the development of a peculiar and intense relationship between two girls, whose lives are brought together in the French Alps.

16.05   Talk: E*MO*TION vs Desire: an unscientific, female-directed survey by Manish Agarwal.

16.20   Talk: “Curiosity! Intense study! Attempt at an artistic response.”  Josephine Decker on inspiration and translation

16.35   A History of Mutual Respect (Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt, 24 mins, 2010)

Shot in Portugal, Brazil and Argentina, A History of Mutual Respect responds to the complex dynamic between Brazil and Portugal, as the former coloniser veers towards economic dependency and collapse.

17.00   “I don’t know what I have to say” Jemma Desai on Fluxus curation (a talk for and with Aduke King)

17.15   Talk: “Cut, paste, feel” sortakindamaybeyeah on Zines and physicality

The day will end with a special presentation of Noah Baaumbach’s Mistress America + Latifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle with introduction from Simran Hans and Jemma Desai.


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