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Still: Dance Party, USA

Two films by Aaron Katz: Quiet City + Dance Party, USA

25 Jul 20089 Aug 2008

A pair of carefully observed, tenderly realised low-budget short features from young American film-maker Aaron Katz, who infuses his simple tales of boys and girls getting to know each other with all sorts of unexpected magic. In Quiet City, a young woman arrives in New York from Atlanta. Unable to find the friend she was supposed to stay with, she ends up spending 24 hours mooching around Brooklyn with the likeable but slightly depressed Charlie, whom she meets in the subway. Dance Party, USA puts a darker spin on coming-of-age conventions, with a shocking revelation that leads to a bid for redemption and finally mutual understanding between two teenagers. Although these characters reach the end of their respective films still trying to figure out the right things to say, Katz makes sure his work speaks for them, with beautifully textured visual and aural environments reflecting their unspoken desires and feelings. Absolutely not to be missed, this exquisite pair of miniatures - screened together with a short break - is your introduction to a major new talent.

Total programme time 150 mins.

Watch the trailer for Quiet City.
Watch the trailer for Dance Party, USA.

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Alongside the films of Aaron Katz, one of the biggest success stories of the new ‘mumblecore' genre to come out of the US is the fantastic FOUR EYED MONSTERS:

FOUR EYED MONSTERS tells the story of Arin and Susan, who met online, falling in love through e-mails, notes, videos, and pictures. As their intimacy grew, so did their fears. Neglect, cheating, and jealousy forced the couple to question if they were actually in love or just engaged by their artistic collaboration together. This award-winning project has engaged millions around the world who have followed this real couple's story, and for the first time ever, now exists on one DVD, accompanied by the CD soundtrack.

Quiet City, Dir Aaron Katz, USA 2007, 78 mins / Dance Party, USA, Dir Aaron Katz, USA 2006, 65 mins.


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