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The Twang + support

7 Mar 2007

Either the new Happy Mondays or the new Flowered Up (remember them?) depending on what you read, there is no argument that such gushing press attention will lead Phil Etheridge & co towards the upper echelons of the UK chart this year. Radio 1's Edith Bowman, who discovered The Twang at a crazed show in their home town of Birmingham immediately likened them to the Stone Roses fronted by The Streets' Mike Skinner. Viva los Uber-Brummies!

"...a three-song demo by an unjustly unheard Birmingham band called The Twang landed on our desk. It was a collection of songs that stirred a fire in the very pit of our souls. The kind of recording that reminded us why rock'n'fucking roll was, is, and always will be, the greatest form of human expression to have ever existed." NME


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