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Trouble the Water

5 Dec 200815 Jan 2009

Announced as a finalist in the 2009 Academy Awards for Best Documentary

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"One of the best American documentaries in recent memory." The New York Times

"A tale of thrilling human drama, terrible tragedy and unbelievable heroism among some of America's most stigmatised and downtrodden people." Salon

The startling footage at the heart of this film was captured by a New Orleans woman who kept her camcorder on in the Ninth Ward when the levees broke following Hurricane Katrina. Her tapes have been edited and appended by Michael Moore collaborators Tia Lessin and Carl Deal, who edit Kimberly Rivers Roberts' footage with their own film of the post-Katrina clean-up effort. A brilliant depiction of resilience, courage and humour.

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Dir Tia Lessin, Carl Deal, USA 2007, 94 mins, Cert 15.


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