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An Eight and a Two Revisited, 2012.  Courtesy of Steven Claydon

The Trouble with Sound Art

4 Jul 2012

The term ‘Sound Art’ is a relatively new and notoriously elastic term, encompassing a wide range of practices. Although artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, John Cage, Fluxus, Christian Marclay and more recently Turner Prize winner Susan Philipsz to name a few, have been experimenting and practicing sound as an art form for a number of decades, the terminology is still ambigious.

The Trouble with Sound Art looks to discuss the labelling of the art form, and what defines and differentiates ‘Sound Art’ from other art forms such as film, video, performance, poetry and music. The talk will be chaired by Anne Hilde Neset, Contributing Editor of The Wire, and co-founder of contemporary art agency Electra Productions. She will be joined by musician, writer and sound curator David Toop, alongside artist and musician Steven Claydon, who was a member of the now defunct electronica band Add N to (X). Also joining are Scottish artist Ruth Ewan, whose work engages with specific radical historical images and sounds, and Haroon Mirza, recipient of the Silver Lion for a promising young artist at the 2011 Venice Biennal. His practice attempts to isolate the perceptual distinctions between noise, sound and music.


E.g., 24-09-2018
E.g., 24-09-2018