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The Trouble with Art School (BSL Signed)

30 Nov 2011

Art may be the subject of education, but education itself can be an art form, which has been called the Pedagogical Turn. This 'Trouble With' discussion panel of gallery and institute directors, academics and artists consider this relatively recent artistic medium in alternative educational projects lead by artists such as the Mountain School of Art, the Public School, Anton Vidokle’s Night School, The School of Pan-American Unrest, as well as more historic projects, and discusses their relevancy in relation to the traditional art academy. What do these formats have to offer in the long run and can they offer an alternative? And how does the increase of MFAs and PhDs influence the art world, and is the current academic system sustainable?

A panel of speakers chaired by Irit Rogoff, Professor of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths University and including artist Richard Wentworth as well as artist and writer Dean Kenning, consider this relatively new artistic medium in relation to recent developments at the art academy.

This event will be signed in British Sign Language.


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E.g., 16-08-2018