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The King of Kong

Triple Bill: Ping Pong + The King of Kong + Scott Pilgrim

2 Jan 2011

We kick off the year with an unbeatable triple-bill inspired by manga, anime, martial arts, videogames and indie rock. Just £12 (£10 ica members) for the entire afternoon – no single-film tickets as you really should see them all!

Japanese cult classic Ping Pong kicks off this New Year’s triple-bill, with two childhood friends becoming table-tennis rivals in a sports drama adapted from a popular mange and full of cutting-edge action and special-effects. Then, in the supremely entertaining documentary The King of Kong, two videogame obsessives compete to claim the world-record high-score on the Donkey Kong arcade game. And finally, a riot of wit, style, romance and invention in the endlessly rewarding Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, a carefully crafted and meticulously detailed comedy that has videogames in its DNA.


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E.g., 23-09-2018