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Still: The Trip

The Trip + Candy

21 Dec 2008

Written by Jack Nicholson and starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper (the trio that went on to make Easy Rider two years later), The Trip follows Fonda on the first acid experience. Visions of sex, death, flowers, dancing girls and witches accompany his attempts to 'find himself'. A key drug film of the 60s with a cast and crew who certainly knew what they were talking about. Screening with Candy, a bold portrayal of a young artist whose lust for life takes her to the edge, with Abbie Cornish and Heath Ledger.

Dir Roger Corman, USA 1967, 75 mins, Cert 18 / Dir Neil Armfield, Australia 2005, 104 mins, Cert 15.


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E.g., 21-09-2018