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Trimpin: The Sound of Invention, dir Peter Esmonde, USA/UK 2009

Trimpin: The Sound of Invention

17 Oct 2009

The artist known simply as Trimpin is a sonic experimenter, a combination of inventor, engineer and composer, who builds stunning installations, such as a mountain of self-tuning, automatic electric guitars or a perpetual motion machine. Originally from Germany's Black Forest region, as a young boy he became obsessed with Harper's Electricity Book for Boys, and was drawn to America when he discovered he would have access to more material (that is, junk) which he could use in his creations. He shuns loudspeakers and recording equipment, and is deeply cynical about the commercial art world, refusing to put a price on his work, so it has only been seen and heard in select galleries, museums and concert venues.

Filmmaker Peter Esmonde followed this brilliant eccentric over a two-year period, taking in an attempt to convert earthquake data into music and a lively collaboration with the Kronos Quartet that involves toy instruments and some fraught discussions, emerging with this insightful, exultant documentary portrait, celebrating the man, his life, and his creative process.

dir Peter Esmonde, USA/UK 2009, 77 mins


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