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Traité de Bave et d'Èternité, dir Isidore Isou, France, 1951, 120 mins

Traité de Bave et d'Èternité

23 Nov 200725 Nov 2007

Rare screening of the experimental film by Isidore Isou, pioneer of Lettrisme, which paved the way for the Situationists. Rejecting film conventions by 'chiselling' away at them, Isou introduced several new concepts, including discrepancy cinema where the soundtrack has nothing to do with the visual track. Traité de Bave et d'Éternité (Venom & Eternity) was described by Stan Brakhage as the "portal through which every film artist is going to have to pass."

Traité de Bave et d'éternité (by Jean-Isidore Isou), Marcel Achard - Original Trailer

Dir Isidore Isou, France, 1951, 120 mins


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