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Trace Bodies

16 May 2015

This group participatory performance looks at affective online alienation in relation to corporeality and identity production and consumption. Refusing the question of the utopic in relation to the technosocial realm, this event enquires about the experiences of online navigation through the hyperrealisation of existing models.

Live performances by Elizabeth Holdsworth, Cristine Brache, Caspar Heinemann and Max Trevor Thomas Edmond, Hannah Regel, Kris Beaghton & Devawn Wilkinson and Lawrence Uziell.

Music on the night from Exxist and Kamixlo (Krysaor/Endless).

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops or smartphones to access the Trace Bodies website on the evening.

Live event curated by ICA Student Forum members Liam CrockettGrant BinghamWill Guy & Perry-James Sugden.


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