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Courtesy Emma Smith

Touring Talk: Emma Smith

10 Oct 2013

Love Me, Love Me Not is a new work situated within the Lutz Bacher: Black Beauty exhibition, where artist Emma Smith invites individuals to meet with her to visit the gallery together.

Love Me, Love Me Not is a new work by artist Emma Smith that explores the possibility of embodying a side of yourself that loves when with a stranger. Situated within the Lutz Bacher: Black Beauty exhibition, the artist invites an individual to meet with her to visit the gallery together. In a shared attempt to evoke a side of themselves normally shared with close relations (family, friend or lover etc) the artist and participant will experiment with the possibility of loving a stranger. Created together and for one another with no set audience, the encounter becomes part of the immersive space of the exhibition.

The artist invites the participant into a space where they can both be simultaneously themselves and not themselves with one another. Calling into question the singularity of self and the need to be oneself in order to love another, the work examines the pluralities of self in relation and the potentiality to share our 'selves' with others.

Emma Smith is an artist based in London. She has a performative and participatory art practice that is both research and production based, and has exhibited in the UK and internationally. Exhibitions in 2013 include Matadero Madrid, Spain, Arnolfini and Radar, UK and Botega Bologna, Italy. Smith is currently resident in the ACME Fire Station Residency Programme (2010-2015) and is an Associate Artist of Artsadmin.

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This event has been curated by Student Forum member Victor Wang.


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