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Zhangke Jia, A Touch of Sin, 2013

A Touch of Sin

30 May 201410 Jun 2014

With a nod to King Hu’s 1971 martial arts epic A Touch of Zen, writer-director Zhangke Jia presents four fables set in contemporary China: a motorcycling drifter despatches his would-be assailants in a burst of gunfire, an act that has repercussions later on; greedy politicians compel a miner to take bloody revenge; a receptionist at a sauna issues an ultimatum to her married lover; and a worker in an electronics factory is forced to take on a series of menial and ultimately humiliating jobs to compensate a colleague he inadvertently injured.

Richly expressive camerawork by regular collaborator Likwai Yu fortifies Jia’s most telling reflection of a nation in rapid and uneasy cultural transition.

A Touch of Sin, dir. Zhangke Jia, China 2013, 130 mins, cert. 15. Mandarin with English subtitles.

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