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Tom Zé: Liberated Astronaut, Dir Ígor Iglesias González, 2009

Tom Zé: Liberated Astronaut

29 Oct 2010

To kick off Tom Zé night the ICA screens this new documentary examining why Tom Zé has not always occupied a position of comfort in the Brazilian music scene. Liberated Astronaut brings the audience closer to the Zé’s long labor of unceasing experimentation, in which he has had the courage to break established moulds and refuse to accept what is considered ‘correct’ and commercial. Despite ups and downs throughout his career, Zé has always been unflinching in his beliefs.

Tying together the artist’s reflections, a multitude of archive images, and the opinions of his fellow Brazilian musicians, this film paints a rich portrait of Zé’s life and music and the surprising and endearing man that he is. Tom Zé: Liberated Astronaut was the Audience Award winner for Best Foreign Documentary at the São Paulo International Film Festival and Best Documentary Winner at the Festival de Cine Asturiano 2010.

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 Dir Ígor Iglesias González, Spain 2009, 89mins, subtitles


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