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Tom Bolton + The Island of Dr Moreau

21 Apr 2011

As part of the Nathaniel Mellors: Ourhouse exhibition, Nathaniel Mellors and Strange Attractor Journal editor Mark Pilkington have assembled a series of weekly events, consisting of a talk and a film, exploring some lesser-known intersections of culture, history, mind and nature.

You can book for either the talk or film seperately, or both together for a reduced rate.

Talk: London's Lost Rivers with Tom Bolton, 7pm
Over 20 rivers once flowed through London. Tom Bolton, author of London's Lost Rivers (Strange Attractor Press, Summer 2011) makes an illustrated presentation on the rivers’ locations and their subsequent disappearance.

Film: The Island of Dr Moreau, 8.30pm
A man discovers that the inhabitants of the island he has been brought to are experimental animals being turned into human beings.
Dir John Frankenheimer, 1996, 95 mins, 35mm


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