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Photo: Olympic contruction worker, Beijing.

Is there a new global working class?

20 Nov 2007

The working classes are alive and well, according to some critics, it's just that they have relocated to China and India. What is the significance of this new global class of producers and the entrepreneurs who give them work? Are we witnessing the emergence of a new kind of class struggle?


Jonathan Fenby, former editor of The Observer and South China Morning Post and author of the forthcoming Penguin History of Modern China.

Daniel Ben-Ami, editor of Fund Strategy and author of Cowardly Capitalism.

Guy de Jonquières is a former FT Asia columnist and commentator.

Nigel Harris, Emeritus Professor of the Economics of the City, University College London and author of The Return of Cosmopolitan Capital - Globalisation, The State and War.

Participating chair: Robyn Meredith, foreign correspondent at Forbes magazine and author of The Elephant and the Dragon.


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