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The Green Wave, Dir Ali Samadi Ahadi, 2010

Is There a Muslim World?

21 Sep 2011

Is there such a thing as a singular, homogeneous Muslim global phenomenon? Is there or can there be one global Muslim ‘culture’?

There are distinct Muslim cultures, different devotional readings of the Qur’an, differing interpretations of Shariah law, rival fractions of Sunni, Shia, Ismailism, Sufi and other competing groups. In light of this how can the representation of Islam and a so-called ‘Muslim world’ be addressed? And is current international foreign policy and reporting on the recent ‘Arab Spring’ representative of this? How are Muslim filmmakers and artists understood outside of their home countries and what problems do they face when their work is shown elsewhere?

The panel of speakers participating in this forum are themselves representative of today’s multifaceted Muslim viewpoints and multicultural Islam. Merryl Wyn Davies is a writer, anthropologist, broadcaster and a Muslim Welsh woman. Currently she is the Director of the Muslim Institute in London. Robin Yassin-Kassab is a writer and author of widely acclaimed novel, The Road from Damascus. Ziauddin Sardar is a writer, broadcaster and cultural critic. His books include the widely acclaimed Desperately Seeking Paradise: Journeys of a Sceptical Muslim and Balti Britain: A Provocative Journey Through Asian Britain. Ali Nobil Ahmad teaches History and Cinema at LUMS University of Lahore. Hamid Dabashi, Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, New York, has written 20 books, most recently Islamic Liberation Theology: Resisting Empire and Iran, the Green Movement and the USA: The Fox and the Paradox.


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E.g., 14-08-2018