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photo: thecocknbullkid

Thecocknbullkid + Plugs + Your Twenties + Sparklemotion Dancers + DJs

11 Mar 2009

Thecocknbullkid is the new great London purveyor of proper dirty bouncing pop, 19-year-old Anita Blay. The singalong choruses, sweet 'oohs' and 'aahs', that 80s shallow drum machine noise and sassy lyrics make you feel like you're discovering sex and poppers for the first time back in 1977 New York, probably wearing something sparkly, then landing back in Dalston, right now, all grimy. Her new single I'm Not Sorry is our current bestsongintheworld.

Support comes from hot London based trio Plugs, cutting a charming electronic rug on local dancefloors, and the ICA's other new favourite band Your Twenties, who tell us they are Londoners who like The Beatles and care about backing vocals. They sound (and look) a bit like Haircut 100, one of them is also in Metronomy, and their debut single Caught Wheel is cute and supercatchy.

Also on stage: Sparklemotion Dancers, New Young Pony Club (DJ Set) and Frankmusik (DJ Set)


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E.g., 25-09-2018