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Veronica Velasco, Tuhog, 2013

Terracotta Far East Film Festival: Tuhog

25 May 2014

A swerving bus and a single steel bar bring three strangers together, very literally. As a team of doctors work to extract the bar, the events that led each stranger to be on the bus that day are untangled through a series of flashbacks.

Their stories reveal the skewered trio — the long-suffering father who has decided to pursue his dream, flanked by his retiree entourage; the prickly bus conductor haunted by family troubles past and present; and the student itching to lose his virginity — to have already been intertwined before being so violently thrown together.

Director Veronica Velasco has produced a unique film for Filipino mainstream cinema: a dark and nuanced comedy with real sincerity, lifted by a stand-out performance from critically acclaimed comedic actress Eugene Domingo.

Tuhog, dir. Veronica Velasco, Philippines 2013, 105 mins, Tagalog with English subtitles

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