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Tempesta - Anagoor

28 Jan 201130 Jan 2011

Award-winning new theatre from Italy.

Showing misty landscapes and the winds of a gathering storm, two suspended video screens appear like modern day altar pieces. A sense of impending tragedy hangs in the air.

Tempesta links past and present, exploring the world revealed in enigmatic paintings by Renaissance artist, Giorgione. Outwardly calm and conventional each one raise doubts in the viewers’ mind, hinting at a more complex web of meanings.

Giorgione, teacher of Titian, died at 33 in 1510. From his home town of Castelfranco, near Venice, Anagoor was recognised at Italy’s 2009 Stage Awards for this unsettling, visual and physical collage inspired by the artist’s ambiguous studies of light, landscape, youth and violence. Intriguing and atmospheric.

Contains nudity



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E.g., 18-09-2018