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Sharon Hayes, 'Everything Else Has Failed! Don’t You Think It’s Time for Love?', 2007, New York City, documentation of performance. Photo: Andrea Geyer

Talk Show

6 May 200931 May 2009

The programme, most of which is free, will activate the ICA during both daytime and evening, and is being presented in the institute's Galleries, Theatre and other spaces. It features over a hundred participants, including artists, performers and others whose activities centre on speech and vocal performance, such as linguists, speech therapists and voiceover artists. This chorus will address the primacy of the spoken word in our social and cultural landscape, and its use as a tool to produce and negotiate meaning in art, life and politics.

Many contemporary artists employ the voice as a medium, and Talk Show includes an exhibition of speech-based works in the Lower Gallery and other spaces. Meanwhile, the Upper Gallery is being used as a location for a series of artists' residencies, events that are open to the public and in which participants will research, rehearse and produce new work. The Lower Gallery and Theatre will also host performances and presentations by artists, musicians and others, a programme that promises an array of extraordinary experiences. Further events include workshops for training the voice, discussions on different aspects of language, and a conference that will call on the newest thinking in the science and sociology of speech.

Talk Show is an experiment in inter-disciplinary programming, and has been curated by the artist, writer and designer Will Holder, working together with Richard Birkett and Jennifer Thatcher of the ICA, and with the help and support of The London Consortium (a multi-disciplinary graduate programme in humanities and cultural studies). A wide range of resources are linked to the season, including a magazine containing a variety of new and reprinted texts. Many of the events will be streamed on the ICA website, as well as by other broadcasters. Finally, the ICA's new Reading Room is presenting a number of archives of spoken word recordings, allowing visitors to pursue their own research.

Roland, the magazine of the ICA's visual art programme features a guide to Talk Show in its first issue.

To accompany Talk Show the ICA has published a group of limited edition artworks and publications including a silkscreen print conceived by Will Stuart with Geoff Bailey, a special seven-colour silkscreen poster edition by Fia Backström and a publication of the collected film scripts of Chris Evans (written in collaboration with Will Bradley and Tirdad Zolghadr).

  • Pierre Bismuth, 'The Jungle Book Project', 2002, drawings on tracing paper. Courtesy the Lisson Gallery, London and Jan Mot, Brussels

    Talk Show

    6 May 200931 May 2009

    Where we investigate the human voice in subtle, humorous or unexpected ways.

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  • Photo: Section 7 Books


    6 May 200917 May 2009

    6-17 May. A collective of artists, curators and writers discuss the economic conditions that can facilitate artistic communities.

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  • Sam Ashley in Robert Ashley's 'Concrete', 2007. Photo: Stephanie Berger

    Robert Ashley: Foreign Experiences

    6 May 2009

    The UK premiers of Foreign Experiences, an operatic piece following an academic's drift into a paranoid world of intrigue and revolution.

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  • Jeremiah Day / Simone Forti, 'Open Form', performance at Project Arts Centre, Dublin, 2008

    Jeremiah Day + Simone Forti

    7 May 2009

    The photographer and storyteller works with the dance artist to extend a project begun in Dublin two years ago.

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  • William Furlong's Audio Arts

    William Furlong's Audio Arts

    8 May 200914 May 2009

    In celebration of his new book, Speaking of Art, Furlong is in conversation with Mel Gooding, art critic, writer and exhibition organiser.

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  • Speakeasy


    9 May 2009

    Terry Smith investigates the spoken word as raw material, with presentations and works from David Austen, Jordan Baseman, Paul Coldwell and Gun Holmström.

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  • The Shout

    10 May 2009

    A haunting tale of a young musician (Alan Bates) who claims his voice has the power to kill, and the creepy composer (John Hurt) he befriends.

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  • Jimmy Robert + Ian White

    Jimmy Robert + Ian White

    11 May 2009

    Dance, text and image inspired in part by a Robert Mapplethorpe photograph, and including texts by Roland Barthes and Frank O'Hara.

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  • They Give Themselves Away Every Time They Open Their Mouths

    They Give Themselves Away Every Time They Open Their Mouths

    12 May 200921 May 2009

    A workshop using archival recordings and contributions from the audience to explore what our linguistic choices say about us.

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  • The Vocal Knot

    The Vocal Knot

    13 May 2009

    Philosopher Jonathan Rée, artist Louise Stern and sign language interpreter Oliver Pouliot consider how sign language operates as an alternative linguistic system.

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  • Talk Show: Teachers' Preview + Workshop

    Talk Show: Teachers' Preview + Workshop

    14 May 2009

    A chance to hear more about opportunities for schools and colleges whilst enjoying a glass of wine with colleagues.

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  • Stephen Sutcliffe, still from the artist's personal television archive (Dirk Bogarde)

    Stephen Sutcliffe

    15 May 2009

    Videos created from TV and sound archives, loaded with humour and poetry, reflect Sutcliffe's fascination with the construction of public personae.

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  • Sharon Hayes, 'Everything Else Has Failed! Don’t You Think It’s Time for Love?', 2007, New York City, documentation of performance. Photo: Andrea Geyer

    Sharon Hayes

    16 May 200917 May 2009

    A series of performances on the streets of London explore the relationship between political desire and personal or romantic desire.

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  • School of Sound

    School of Sound

    16 May 2009

    This evening's event provides the opportunity for an audience to be physically immersed in soundscapes without the distraction of imagery.

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  • My Dinner with André, Dir Louis Malle, US 1981

    My Dinner with André

    17 May 2009

    Audacious and compelling, Louis Malle's 1981 classic eavesdrops on a conversation between two friends in a New York restaurant.

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  • Conference: Our Speaking Selves

    Conference: Our Speaking Selves

    17 May 2009

    This half-day conference plots a course from the neurological basis of speech to its social and historical roles, taking in our culture's obsession with vocal performance.

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  • Melanie Gilligan

    18 May 200924 May 2009

    18 - 24 May. A new performance will be publicly scripted, rehearsed and documented in collaboration with an actor.

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  • Latin American Political Chants

    Latin American Political Chants

    18 May 2009

    A workshop rooted in Chilean politics of the 1970s which invites participants to come together and chant, re-enacting historical events with their own voices.

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  • Photo: Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor

    Anne-James Chaton + Andy Moor / Chris Mann / Alex Waterman

    19 May 2009

    Poets and musicians experiment with sound poetry and musical structure, tracing a lineage from Dada and Fluxus.

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  • Doublespeak


    22 May 2009

    A discussion about how language is used to conceal and manipulate. This event to be recorded for Resonance FM.

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  • Ben Cain

    Ben Cain

    23 May 2009

    Ben Cain is primarily involved in the production of installations, vinyl records, performances and printed matter, which deal with the convergence of theatre and documentary information.

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  • Residency: Stella Capes

    Residency: Stella Capes

    24 May 200926 May 2009

    A new video work will be made in the theatre, using professional opera singers to re-interpret the screams from horror films.

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  • Pictur of Paul Provenza and Penn Jillette

    The Aristocrats

    24 May 2009

    Dozens of comedians deconstruct, discuss and deliver their own versions of what may be the world's dirtiest, least-told - and longest - joke.

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  • Image: Studies in Leadership - The Golden Voice

    Fia Backström

    25 May 200931 May 2009

    A series of presentations and screenings addressing language as a motivational tool, excavating the tropes and tricks of public speaking.

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  • Photo: Plus Minus Ensemble

    Plus Minus Ensemble

    26 May 200931 May 2009

    6-7 May. Open rehearsals by this avant-garde gang will be followed by a final show focusing on the use of language and the voice in music.

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  • Fia Backström and Loretta Napoleoni

    Fia Backström and Loretta Napoleoni

    26 May 2009

    Political and economic theorist Loretta Napoleoni will join Backström to discuss the themes of her residency.

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  • Effective Speaking in Groups

    Effective Speaking in Groups

    28 May 2009

    A workshop for people wishing to develop their confidence when speaking to groups, based on the concept of 'speaking circles'.

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  • Fia Backström and Alan Woodhouse

    Fia Backström and Alan Woodhouse

    28 May 2009

    Voice and acting coach Alan Woodhouse will lead an investigation into how we can control our voices, and improve our speech making abilities.

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  • Fia Backström: Sea Oak

    Fia Backström: Sea Oak

    29 May 2009

    Backström presents and discusses Sea Oak, a 16mm film by Emily Wardill.

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  • Dexter Sinister, 'True Mirror Microfiche', 2008

    Dexter Sinister

    30 May 2009

    Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt present a lecture exploring design, editing, publishing and distribution, with the help of a 20-strong cast.

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  • Fia Backström: Golden Voice

    Fia Backström: Golden Voice

    31 May 2009

    As the culmination of her residency Backström works with a 'golden voice'.

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  • Joan la Barbara

    Joan la Barbara

    31 May 2009

    La Barbara explores the mechanics of sound-making, including the dissolution of language into ululations and glottal clicks.

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