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Takva, Dir Özer Kiziltan Turkey, 2006

Takva + Intro by Vedide Kaymak

24 Sep 2011

Takva, directed by Özer Kiziltan, tells the story of an introverted and private man, deeply devout, whose world collapses as a result of success. The shy Muharrem lives a solitary and simple life of a hermit, that of religious devotion and sexual abstinence, adhering to strict Islamic traditions. It is his devotion which brings him to the attention of a powerful Muslim businessman who is also a religious sect leader in Istanbul, landing him with the job of an a rent collector for the sect’s properties. This position brings Muharrem into touch with the outside world he had avoided until then, and radically changes his views and values. A series of temptations afflict him, from alcohol to an attractive woman who seduces him through dreams. Muharrem, in his deep fear of God, is faced with losing his life-long identity, now slipping away from him.

The film is of special interest in the current Turkish socio-political juncture, beyond its universal questions about belief, value-systems and modernity.
Introduced by Vedide Kaymak, Founder Director of the London Turkish Film Festival, graduate in Political Science and journalism, worked in Turkish media before moving to London.

Dir Özer Kiziltan Turkey, 2006, 93 mins


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