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Figure 2: The vectorial channel of being. Courtesy: Tristan Garcia and Edinburgh University Press.

Symposium: Realisms and Object Orientations: Art, Politics and the Philosophy of Tristan Garcia

5 Dec 2014

This multidisciplinary symposium seeks to interrogate philosophical realisms and object orientations within recent thought. The renowned philosopher Tristan Garcia will present, with his philosophical system providing the focus for a number of the papers. Artists’ contributions will explore this philosophical territory through performative practices.  

Read Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau's followup blogpost about his contribution to the seminar

Read Dr Maria Walsh's account of the symposium

Contributors: Tristan Garcia, Dr Iain MacKenzie, Dr Peter Wolfendale, Dr Maria Walsh, Dr Steve Klee, Ben Turner, Annie Davey, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

In partnership with the University of Kent, Sound Image Space and Critical Thought research centres.


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E.g., 28-10-2019