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Image credit: Adelheid Mers

Symposium: Plague of Diagrams

22 Aug 2015

According to the philosopher and mathematician Gilles Châtelet, diagrams are gestures that invite other gestures. This is a vision of diagrams as abstract machines activated through performance or thought; a notion of diagrams as relays that connect or traverse different times and spaces. It is a conception of diagrams as critical and logical exploratory devices that, in presenting what is not apparent or visible—real abstractions, potential modes of being, hidden relations—paradoxically depend on the register of the imaginary and the inventive production of images, figures and gestures.

This symposium invites practitioners from the worlds of art, architecture, theory and music to discuss the use, nature and possibilities of diagrams and diagramming. It is part of the four-day programme of events Plague of Diagrams, which includes an exhibition, performances and a diagramming workshop.


11.15 Introductions: David Burrows & Dean Kenning

Panel 1: Space

Facilitator: Ami Clarke

11.30 Carey YoungLegal Fictions

11.50 Christoph LuederDiagrams for Writing and Reading Architectural and Urban Space

12.10 Nikolaus GanstererThere is no Neutral Space

12.30 Discussion

12.50 break

Panel 2: Pedagogy

Facilitator: Andrew Conio

13.05 John CussansThe use of diagrams in Fine Art/Critical Studies/Writing/Research tutorials

13.25 Dean KenningExploratory Diagrams

13.45 Adelheid MersSome things I am figuring out

14.05 Discussion

14.25 Lunch

3. Philosophy

Facilitator: Dean Kenning

15.05 Kamini VellodiDiagrammatic Abstraction: Deleuze vs Buchloh

15.25 Paul O’KaneFrom Borges To Ishiguro By Way Of Big Data – First Thoughts On Diagrams

15.45 David BurrowsDiagrammatics Of Noise And Self-Obliteration

16.05 Discussion

16.25 break

4. Loops & Processes

Facilitator: John Cussans

16.40 Ami Clarke, Low Animal Spirits: a differential economy - algorithms, time, and materiality

17.00 Andy SharpDiagrams as magical chromosomes

17.20 Andrew ConioThe diagram as production and critique

17.40 Discussion

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