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Still: Sweden Heaven and Hell

Sweden Heaven and Hell + The Origins of Swedish Sin introductory talk

4 Oct 2007

Season curators Klubb Super 8 present an entertaining guide to how Sweden liberated cinema, taking in the silent era, Bergman's films of the 1950s, the sex-ed films of the 60s and the swinging sexploitation fare of the 70s. This will be followed by our season's first feature, Sweden Heaven and Hell, an Italian shockumentary depicting the strange customs of the natives of Sweden in the 60s. It's an archetypal mondo movie, with scenes of lesbian nightclubs, nasty bikers, teenage sex education, drugs, topless girl-bands and suicide. This is also the film that introduced Piero Umiliani's classic tune Mah Nà Mah Nà to the world.

DVD screening, courtesy of Klubb Super 8.

Dir Luigi Scattini, Italy 1968, 90 mins


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