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Scott McGehee and David Siegel, Suture, 1993

Suture + Intro

7 Jul 2016

This film is introduced by Jason Wood, Artistic Director of Film at HOME, Manchester.

On its first release at the ICA in the UK in 1995, Jason Wood came to see Suture for seven consecutive nights. In the introduction to this screening, he explains why the film held such a fascination for him.

Inspired by the paranoid visions of John Frankenheimer’s The Manchurian Candidate and Seconds, the desert noir of Detour and the black and white widescreen beauty of Hiroshi Teshigahara’s The Face of Another and Woman of the Dunes, Suture is one of great feature debutsby writer-directors David Siegel and Scott McGeheeand a truly unique piece of cinema.

The wealthy and self-assured Vincent (Michael Harris) meets his blue collar half-brother Clay (Dennis Haysbert) at their father’s funeral and is struck by their similarity. He decides to murder Clay and take his identity, only Clay survives the assassination attempt with no memory and is mistaken for Vincent. The fact that Harris is white and Haysbert is black only complicates a film that probes into the nature of identity.

After viewing an early rough cut, Steven Soderbergh came on board as executive producer and enthusiastic patron. Suture went on to become a hit on the festival circuit, including Sundance where it deservedly won the award for Best Cinematography.

Suture European Theatrical Trailer (David Siegel and Scott McGehee, 1993)

Suture, dir. Scott McGehee and David Siegel, UK 1993, 96 mins


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