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Terence Davies, Sunset Song, 2015

Sunset Song

20 Dec 201530 Dec 2015

Director Terence Davies (Distant Voices, Still Lives) creates a powerfully evocative adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s classic novel about life on a Scottish farm before World War I. Peter Mullan is the tyrannical head of an overburdened family in which only his daughter, the resigned but serene Chris commands our sympathies.

To escape the harsh realities of her family life and the backbreaking toil, she seeks solace with a lover, Ewan (Guthrie). But her happiness is cut short when Ewan is conscripted into the army, and their relationship is tested just as much as Chris’s loyalty to her dysfunctional family. The lavish cinematography is also the star here, with Michael McDonough (Winter’s Bone) shooting the achingly beautiful windswept landscapes on 70mm film.

Sunset Song, dir. Terence Davies, UK/Luxembourg 2015, 135 mins

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