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Photo: Sunburned Hand of the Man

Sunburned Hand of the Man, U-Sound, Joanne Robertson + guests

20 Jun 2008

Ever since their Shit Spangled Banner EP came out on cassette in 1994, Sunburned Hand of the Man have been making music that Pitchfork describe as "eclectic, interesting, and unapologetic" – yowling, pulsing, dubby sounds, often with esteemed and experimental collaborators.

Tonight they're making more glorious noise as part of a music and art improvision, with friends and artists U-Sound, Joanne Robertson, Martin Creed, The Rebel, Bad Bat and David Cunningham.

Sunburned will headline with a performance of their never-before-seen play Twelve Rules for Black Square Voids: A Long, Irrational Projection. There will be no stage times: the acts will be working together live, with a sense of collectivism borrowed from Fluxus. DJs and performance pieces, music and art, will jumble together, short breaths of fun leading up to the killer play.

Some of the acts will experiment with improvisation in a way that pertains to the loss of control. The Rebel and Creed will keep the crowd entertained with their poppy and cranky tunes, and limited editions and handmade record covers will be made for the night.

This is a sonic experiment, a night of beginnings and new ideas, bringing together musicians who believe in the endless possibilities and excitement of artistic collaboration.


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E.g., 23-09-2018