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Tsai Ming Liang, Stray Dogs, 2013

Stray Dogs

9 May 201517 May 2015

★★★★★ "Every shot of Stray Dogs has been built with utter formal mastery; every sequence exerts an almost telepathic grip." Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

"Tsai Ming-Liang’s ravishing conceptual film achieves a rare blend of sensuous delight and documentary specificity."
Richard Brody. The New Yorker

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival

Stray Dogs, the latest film by visionary director Tsai Ming-liang (Goodbye Dragon Inn) links together a series of sumptuously composed scenes that tell the story of a broken family living on the margins of Taipei society through tableau-like scenes, often without words.

"Like Tsai's sublime I Don't Want to Sleep Alone, Stray Dogs plucks its characters from society's margins; without sentimentalizing their subjects, these films exude empathy for day labourers and the homeless. As one mysterious, gorgeously composed scene gives way to the next, we come to know these characters, and something of their history, a time when they indeed had a home, a mother, a very different sort of life. We gaze into their past with them, are invited to share in their loss, and, gradually, imagine some brighter future." Toronto Film Festival Catalogue

Stray Dogs, dir. Tsai Ming Liang, Taiwan / France 2013, 138 mins.,

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