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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…and Spring, Dir. Kim Ki-Duk, South Korea  2003

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring

22 Jun 201226 Jun 2012

Controversial South Korean auteur Kim Ki-duk's films have been met with critical acclaim worldwide since his debut in the mid-90's and we are pleased to be showing three of the director's most important films this June.

One of Kim Ki-Duk most stunning, sublime films. Predominantly set in a small floating house, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter…and Spring is a beautiful story that follows a Buddhist monk from childhood to old age. Each season represents a crucial state in the monk's life, as well as the cyclical nature of life.

This film won a nomination for the Best Foreign Film at the European Academy Awards and appearances in numerous international film festivals, including Cannes, Locarno, San Sebastian, Toronto and Rotterdam.

Dir. Kim Ki-Duk. 2003. South Korea, Korean with English subtitles. 103 mins.
Cast: Oh Yeong-su, Kim Jong-ho, Seo Jae-kyeong, Kim Ki-Duk


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