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Special Flight, Dir: Fernand Melgar, 2011

Special Flight

28 Mar 2012

Surprisingly intimate and emotionally charged, Fernand Melgar's portrait of the rejected asylum seekers and illegal migrants in the Frambois detention centre in Switzerland shows a world that many know from the outside but few know from the inside. With amazing access to his subjects, Melgar introduces us to a community of men who share friendships, fears and the same fate. They discuss the politics that are the backdrop to their individual stories and have intense conversations about their shared situation. There are three possibilities for every resident - to leave free with asylum granted, to leave the country on a regular flight, or to leave on a 'special flight'.

As the planes come and go in the background, the staff - who are caretakers, counsellors and friends to the men there - have heartfelt dialogues about the well-being of the residents. In the end though, the staff are the representatives of society's attitudes towards migrants as well as the recipients of all the residents' resentment-making them simultaneously friend and foe. And that fact is most evident when staff must prepare one of the men to leave on a special flight...

Dir: Fernand Melgar, Switzerland, 2011, French with English subtitles, 100 mins, 15 cert


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