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Sparrow, Dir Johnnie To, 2008


15 Apr 201128 Apr 2011

★★★★ 'As an exercise in silky formal elegance, it’s hard to fault this flighty crime caper' Time Out

A lush and elegant masterpiece from Hong Kong master Johnnie To, who’s set the pace in the Asian action and crime genre for more than twenty years thanks to films like The Longest Nite, Running Out of Time, The Mission, PTU and Election. SparrowHong Kong slang for ‘pickpocket’may be one of his most distinctive efforts so far, a thriller with no violence and very little action that draws the viewer into its complex web of game-playing and sleight-of-hand deception. A gang of pickpockets is seduced into a very tricky job by a young woman who claims to need rescuing, although nothing is as it seems in To’s nighttime world. A bold colour scheme disorients as much as it delights, while Fred Avril and Xavier Jamaux’s slinky score will keep you very much under its spell.

Released by Terracotta

Dir Johnnie To, Hong Kong 2008, 88 mins, recommended cert 15, subtitles, digital print


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