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Factory Floor with Peter Gordon (LOLO)


14 Sep 2012

Concluding our season on Sound, we host a weekend exploring the sound contributions produced as part of SOUNDWORKS. Taking its name from Bruce Nauman’s use of raw audio materials, this programme brings together recordings from SOUNDWORKS in conjunction with presentations, round table discussions, music performances and screenings exploring the potential of sound in art.

Part I: Luke Fowler: Notes within Vibrations (Spatial Response to the ICA Archive) Friday 7pm

This audiovisual piece, created specifically in response to Luke Fowler's residency at the ICA, consists of new work generated from his research into the ICA Archive. 

Part II: Acoustic Ambiguities Saturday 12pm- 2.30pm

Panel discussion with Brandon LaBelle, Erica MacArthur, Joe Banks and Jon Wozencroft, focusing on the gap between the origin and the location of sound. The four speakers present creative musings that investigate the acoustic ambiguities and physical inconsistencies of sound production, dispersion and consumption.

Part III: Sound Shaping Saturday 3.30pm - 6pm

A selection of films by Peggy Ahwesh, Edgard Varèse, Iannis Xénakis, Le Corbusier, Beatrice Gibson and Alex Waterman, Linda Christanell and R.H. Quaytman. Together these works negotiate the question of how sound can structure our perception of space, time and form.

Part IV: Factory Floor with Peter Gordon (LOLO) and a performance by Michele Di Menna Saturday 8pm

This evening of performance starts with a work by Michele Di Menna before moving on to a performance by visionary electronic music trio and ICA Associates Factory Floor. They will be playing live in collaboration with New York composer and Love of Life Orchestra founder Peter Gordon, with visuals by Gordon's long-time collaborator Kit Fitzgerald. The performance will be followed by DJs including Planningtorock, Frances Morgan and Tim Burgess.



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