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Eugène Green, The Son of Joseph, 2016

The Son of Joseph

16 Dec 201629 Dec 2016

French director Eugène Green returns with a modern-day parable about a young man in search of a father. Vincent is a teenager determined to solve the mystery of his paternity, which his mother has always kept from him. When he discovers that his father is egoistic and cynical Parisian publisher, Vincent develops a violent plan of revenge before a meeting with Joseph, a man living on the fringe of society, profoundly impacts his life.

This complex, unpredictable film is a mixture of adventure, coming-of-age tale and satirical farce.

The Son Of Joseph | Official UK Trailer | In Cinemas Dec. 16th

The Son of Joseph (Le Fils de Joseph), dir. Eugène Green, France 2016, 115 mins.


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