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Munich Conference of the Situationist International, April 1960; from left to right: Constant, Pinot Gallizio, and Asger Jorn

The Situationist City

16 Jun 2010

The Situationist International, led by Guy Debord and central to the Paris uprising in May 1968, published many incendiary texts on politics and art in the journal Internationale Situationniste. One central theme to their work was rethinking the city: from a site for routine consumption and work to a utopia that breaks down barriers between function and play. Tom McDonough, Associate Professor of Modern Architecture and Urbanism in the Art History Department at Binghamton University, explores this re-imagining of the city as a revolutionary utopia.

Tom McDonough is an editor of Grey Room, Guy Debord and the Situationist International and the author of The Beautiful Language of My Century. His new book, The Situationists and the City: A Reader, is published by Verso Books.


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