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Table of Contents by Siobhan Davies, with Matthias Sperling and Helka Kaski, photo by Pari Naderi

Siobhan Davies Dance: Table of Contents

8 Jan 201419 Jan 2014

Open 11am – 6pm Tuesday to Sunday, and Thursdays from 2pm – 9 pm

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'Unpretentious and visceral, it forces the viewer to become hyper-aware of their own bodies' Art Info
Engagingly ambitious in the questions it wants to provoke about what dancers do and how they do it, and it manages to speak to insiders and novices alike' Guardian
'If anyone can boldly go where no choreographer has gone before, it is she' Financial Times

Siobhan Davies Dance: Table of Contents Preview

Using Siobhan Davies’s own history as a choreographer and dancer as a starting point, this new project reflects on the concept of archiving dance. Working closely with five collaborating dance artists Andrea Buckley, Helka Kaski, Rachel Krische, Charlie Morrissey and Matthias Sperling the artists consider their own embodied history and memory. When seen in a gallery context the work questions how different art forms build on their own history. How does a potentially ephemeral art form create a lasting presence and how is embodied movement passed on, captured or remembered? In a work that consciously breaks barriers between audience and performer Davies and her collaborators engage audiences in a kind of live encounter or exchange, a learning process between both parties. The audience intermingle with dancers and the work intentionally shows process, unravelling dance and choreographic thinking in the proximity that a gallery space allows.

Siobhan Davies rose to prominence in the 1980s and increasingly works outside traditional dance venues, promoting radical new exchanges between different art forms.

The performance is made up of approximately 15 parts. Every 30 minutes the performers will gather at the table in the centre of the room and map out where they are going next and in what order the work will be presented. Visitors are encouraged to enter the space and join the performers at the table.

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