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Shit and Shine

Shit and Shine + Hyper Black Bass + Deadboy

5 Nov 2010

Formed by Craig Clouse of TODD, Shit & Shine exist to blow minds. Their music is all over the place, from violent noiserock to bizarre 80s disco, Beach Boys covers, chilling sacrificial tribal trances to long heavy pounding endless repetitions of riffs using multiple drum kits with a live show distinctly set apart from the norm.

Regularly consisting of at least 4 drummers, 2 bass players and more The Shits, have played shows with performers such as Sunn O))), Earth, Acid Mothers Temple, Lightning Bolt and the Boredoms (who’s frontperson EYE also performs at Rhythm Section on the 6th November) gracing German all night raves, techno clubs, classical concerts, black metal gigs and electronic conventions with a seamless, inspired quality.

Support comes from Hyper Black Bass, a duo from the murkier side of dubstep, who gained notoriety for their Chatty Mouth track earlier in the year and whose membership includes DJ and producer Deadboy.

Shit & Shine
Hyper Black Bass


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E.g., 14-08-2018