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See Red Women's Workshop

See Red Women's Workshop

5 Dec 201213 Jan 2013

This exhibition is a studied look at the See Red Women's Workshop collective and their associated ephemera of protest and Women's Liberation.

Dedication to the ideals of the second wave feminist movement, and with the founding objective of designing and producing images that explored and questioned the role of women in society - 'the personal is political' - See Red Women's Workshop was an alternative screen print collective focused on solidarity and revolt. 

Run as a Women's collective from 1974-1983, the group arose out of a period that saw not just the extension of both political and cultural concerns, but also the rise of community activism. See Red produced radical yet accessible campaigning designs in their signature raw screen-printed aesthetic, publishing their own material in the form of posters, calendars and cards alongside designs and commissions for other organisations. 

With slogans such as: 'So long as women are not free, the people are not free', the workshop campaigned and raised consciousness of issues spanning from the isolation of mothers and domestic violence, to sexual equality and the media's treatment of women.

Please note that the exhibition will be accompanied by an essay by Dodie Bellamy and a screening of Nightcleaners on Tuesday 11 December at 6.30pm.

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With thanks to Suzy Mackie and Pru Stevenson, two of the founding members of See Red Women's Workshop. 


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