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Secret Reunion (Ui-hyeong-je), Dir. Jang Hun, 2010

Secret Reunion (Ui-hyeong-je)

12 Nov 2010

A buddy action film might seem the wrong forum to explore the relationship between the North and South Korea but director Jang Hun had done just that with explosive witty and heart in his second feature, Secret Reunion.

A young undercover North Korean agent, Song Ji-won (Kang Dong-won), assists a deadly assassin to kill Kim Jong-il’s defecting cousin. But when faced with the task of killing a young child he refuses to carry out his orders just when a group of South Korean special agents led by Lee Han-kyu (Song Kang-ho) bursts in causing a deadly gun battle. Six years later both Ji-won and Han-kyu have been unceremoniously fired and shamed with Ji-won banished to South Korea, separated from his wife and child. Han-kyu, a private detective specialising in runaway mail order brides, stumbles across Ji-won and they form an uneasy alliance, each hoping to use the other to regain their honour.

Much like the Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs mixed with the first Lethal Weapon this buddy film brims with action and laughs with it’s too fantastically charming lead in Kang Dong-won and Song Kang-ho from Thirst and Host.

Dir Jang Hun, S.Korea, 2010, 35mm, 116 mins


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