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Anna Muylaert, The Second Mother, 2014

The Second Mother

11 Sep 201520 Sep 2015

For two decades a rich São Paulo doctor and his ambitious wife have relied on the warm, quietly efficient Val (popular Brazilian TV actor Casé) not only to keep house, but also as a surrogate mother to their only and largely ignored late-teenaged son Fabinho (Joelsas). When Val’s estranged student daughter Jéssica (Márdila) unexpectedly arrives in town, the ordered social dynamic of the home is disrupted. All members of the household begin to reassess their relationships, especially as not only Fabinho but also his father are captivated by Jéssica’s vitality and intelligence. Briskly paced by celebrated Brazilian writer-director Anna Muylaert (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes), the performances have a beautifully nuanced emotional precision.

The Second Mother, dir. Anna Muylaert, Brazil 2014, 112 mins, Portuguese with English subtitles.

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