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Room&Book: ICA Art Book Fair

Room&Book: ICA Art Book Fair

6 Jun 20148 Jun 2014

Room&Book has returned for 2015!

Room&Book is a three day art book fair, presented in association with Claire de Rouen Books. Under one roof, visitors will be able to engage with zine aficionados, legendary specialists, magazine experts, and artist book connoisseurs – in what promises to be a unique gathering of the best specialist bookshops and dealers in the UK – both young and long-established. Highlighting contemporary approaches to book design, a number of artists will also present their own works including Christian Flamm. Works on sale will start from £10 and visitors will be able to browse publications from a range of themes including art, photography, fashion and design.

Room&Book is the first art book fair in London to focus exclusively on the role of the book dealer. There will be 18 dealers at Room&Book, and each will present a collection of iconic publications from the last 30 years, alongside their vision for more in-print titles that will become the ‘new rare’.

Participants confirmed are:

Arthur Fournier Fine & Rare, Bookmarc, Christian Flamm, Claire de Rouen Books, Diagonal Press, Ditto Press, Elegantly Papered, Koenig Books, Louis Vuitton Maison Librairie, Luminous Books with Anagram Books, Maggs Bros (Carl Williams and Titus Boeder), Oliver J Wood, Bernard Quaritch Ltd, Simon Finch, Sims Reed, Test Centre Books, The Village Bookstore, 20th Century Art Archives.

To accompany the fair there will be a related series of events including a panel discussion on the idea of ‘the new rare’. Speakers will consider the question ‘In this age of publishing-on-demand how do you define 'rare'?’ In addition there will be a reading by artist Bruno Zhu, workshops and book launches.

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Opening Times
Fri & Sat: 11am – 8pm
Sun: 11am – 6 pm
Due to a large public event in the area on Sunday 8 June, please allow extra time to get to the ICA.


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E.g., 30-07-2021