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Still: Kekexili: Mountain Patrol

Through an Exile Lens: Thoughts and Imaginings of Tibet

1 Jul 200828 Aug 2008

Through the eyes of some incredibly talented, and often young and just emerging artists, this season looks at what it means to be Tibetan, offering a window into a fascinating culture protected and developed within the exile community.

This season of recent films offers insights into life in Tibet and explores the exile condition of Tibetan refugees in India. Taking a fresh, young and raw approach, including footage previously unseen in the UK, many of these films have come straight from the heart of the exile community in India and its burgeoning creative scene.

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  • Still: Dreaming Lhasa

    Dreaming Lhasa

    1 Jul 20087 Jul 2008

    A Tibetan filmmaker based in New York meets an ex-monk in Dharamsala and so begins a journey into Tibet's fractured past and its dislocated present.

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  • Still: Kekexili: Mountain Patrol

    Kekexili: Mountain Patrol

    2 Jul 20085 Jul 2008

    A tale of brotherhood, danger and antelopes in the mountains of Tibet.

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  • Blindsight


    2 Jul 200828 Aug 2008

    Six blind Tibetan teenagers head up a 7,000m mountain in the Himalayas in this awe-inspiring documentary.

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  • Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion

    3 Jul 20085 Jul 2008

    Ten years in the making, a film taking us through rarely seen rituals, from the brothels and slums of Lhasa to spectacular Himalayan peaks.

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  • Windhorse

    4 Jul 20086 Jul 2008

    Set during the last uprising in Tibet, in the late 1980s, and focusing on three young Tibetans struggling to make sense of their lives.

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  • Still: The Forbidden Team

    The Forbidden Team

    5 Jul 2008

    The story of the first ever international football match played by the Tibetan national football team, against Greenland. Followed by director Q&A.

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  • Still: A Brief History of Life

    Youth, Diaspora + the Search for Identity

    6 Jul 2008

    A compilation of short films offering an insightful perspective on life in the Tibetan youth exile community in India today.

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