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Aleksandra Domanović, '19:30', 2010/11, HD video, colour, sound, 11 min

Television Delivers People

18 Apr 20129 Jun 2012

Television Delivers People is a live programme of events to coincide with our current exhibition Remote Control.

The first of a brand new programme of major themed seasons at the ICA. Participants include Auto Italia South East, Bob Stanley, Experimental TV Center, Stephen Sutcliffe, Jonny Woo and Lucky PDF.

  • 'TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces): Time-Lapse Piece’ David Hall 1971

    Art for Television

    18 Apr 2012

    A distinguished panel of guests including Jacqui Davies, David Hall, Terry Flaxton, Shahryar Nashat and Anna Ridley, tackle the subject of art commissioned for television. They bring a wide ranging perspective on art for television made since the 1960s to the present

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  • Photo: James Richards

    Artists’ Film Club: Work from the Experimental TV Center Archive

    19 Apr 2012

    James Richards and Steven Cairns discuss Richards's collaborative projects for the Experimental TV Centre programmes.

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  • A Girl, A Clown, A Blackboard: Trade Test Transmissions

    25 Apr 2012

    Bob Stanley discusses his recent project, Trade Test Transmission Card, and his work as musician, producer and journalist.

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  • The Trouble with Television

    2 May 2012

    In this discussion panel, John Cussans talks about how television and the media work as a manipulative tool towards the audience and leads to consumption. 

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  • Aleksandra Domanović, 'Turbo Sculpture', 2010-2012

    Artists’ Film Club: Cinema Over Cinema

    3 May 2012

    This special Artists’ Film Club includes a presentation of the work of three artists from different parts of Europe.

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  • The Jonny Woo Show

    10 May 2012

    Performance artist and drag queen, the inspirational Jonny Woo hosts an exuberant live club night of musical talent and cutting edge cabaret.

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  • Auto Italia LIVE, 2011 Image © Ollie Harrop. Courtesy of Auto Italia South East

    Auto Italia LIVE

    9 Jun 2012

    Auto Italia South East present a new episode of Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession — an artist-run TV series, performed in front of a studio audience and broadcast live over the Internet.

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