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A Recent History of Writing and Drawing

A Recent History of Writing and Drawing

9 Jul 200831 Aug 2008

A Recent History of Writing and Drawing is an exhibition that explores the evolving relationship between technologies of communication and their users. It is a project by the programmer / designer Jürg Lehni and the graphic designer Alex Rich, curated by design historian Emily King, and involves a variety of interactive and non-interactive devices for writing and drawing.

The centrepiece of the exhibition is Viktor, a large wall-drawing machine that is controlled by an adapted version of ordinary design software and powered by small industrial motors. On Thursday evenings the gallery will host a variety of speakers – including designers, artists and musicians – who are themselves known for using technologies in more or less orthodox ways. During these events Viktor will trace accompanying material on the gallery wall, the image remaining in place for the following week.

Other exhibits include a machine for creating hole-punched posters, and a specially-adapted handheld printer, and all of the works will allow visitors to explore the relationship between technology and expression. Moving away from the blunt duality of man vs. machine, it is now possible to appreciate the particular qualities of various forms of mechanical and digital mark-making. Technologies can be enjoyed for their poetry and exploited for their spare capacity – their ability to undertake tasks not foreseen by their makers.

Lehni, the creator of Viktor, is interested in the nature of tools, and reworks technologies to suit his own needs, often defying the apparent closure of proprietary software. After seeing one of Lehni's drawing machines at work, Rich – a deft observer of accidental meaning – opened a discussion with the designer about the machine's historical and cultural context. Since this time the pair have had an ongoing exchange about the tools of communication and the potential of customised and corralled technology.

The catalogue will be produced at the end of the exhibition and will be available at the ICA Bookshop and via the ICA website.

Thursday Night Events

  • All at 7pm

    17 July: Paul Elliman
    The London-based writer and researcher Paul Elliman will collaborate with Viktor on a public performance of his recent whispering gallery podcast.

    24 July: Ryan Gander
    The artist Ryan Gander will employ Viktor to create a new piece from his extensive inventory of unrealised works.

    31 July: Leila McAlister, James Alwyn and Caitlin Elster
    Shopkeeper Leila McAlister will team up with Viktor, sustainable materials and construction experts James Alwyn and Caitlin Elster to propose new ways of distributing locally produced food.

    7 August: Tuomas Toivonen
    Helsinki based architect and electronic composer Tuomas Toivonen will play a concert on the Hyalonium, an electronic glass harp, with Viktor creating a visual accompaniment.

    14 August: Konstantin Grcic
    German industrial product designer Konstantin Grcic will present his work accompanied by Viktor.

    21 August: Michael Marriott
    The product designer Michael Marriott will present a 3000-year history of technology and design told through the story of the chair, illustrated via Viktor.

    28 August: Jason Evans
    Photographer Jason Evans will discuss his abuse of basic analogue equipment, inviting happy accident and chance into his practice.


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