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Still: Better Things

New(ish) British Cinema

6 Jun 20091 Jul 2009

Alongside our season dedicated to new voices, we offer a chance to catch up with some recent British success stories.

  • Still: Unrelated


    6 Jun 20098 Jun 2009

    A summer holiday in Tuscany becomes an emotional and moral testing ground.

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  • Still: One Day at a Time

    Black British Talent: Lawrence Coke

    7 Jun 2009

    BFM Film Club: short films from award-winning and fast-emerging British director Lawrence Coke.

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  • Still: Hunger


    20 Jun 200921 Jun 2009

    An impassioned and imaginative interpretation of the last days of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, from artist Steve McQueen.

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  • Still: Helen


    27 Jun 20091 Jul 2009

    A sensitive, haunting and formally bold feature from two first-time writer-directors.

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