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Still: The Hide

New British Cinema

4 Jun 20099 Jul 2009

This month, we introduce you to the filmmaking talent emerging right here and right now, on our doorstep. Not that you'd necessarily know about it - the fresh, urgent and entertaining voices in our New British Cinema season have thus far had limited access to audiences.

Now there's no reason to miss out, as we bring you some of the best British films you've never seen - urban horrors, rural dramas, psychological thrillers, affairs of the heart and experimental explorations.

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  • Still: The Hide

    The Hide

    4 Jun 200918 Jun 2009

    A crisp thriller set in the mudflats of Suffolk.

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  • Still: Summer Scars

    Summer Scars

    6 Jun 200910 Jun 2009

    Six kids play truant and their games in the woods become darker following the arrival of a mysterious drifter.

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  • Still: Soi Cowboy

    Soi Cowboy

    11 Jun 200925 Jun 2009

    Sophomore director Clay nods to Lynch, Antonioni and Apichatpong Weerasthakul, but remains his own man.

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  • Still: Crack Willow

    Crack Willow

    16 Jun 200925 Jun 2009

    Formally radical and displaying great empathy, the film deals with family, death, loneliness, rage, fear and the everyday negotiation of our own private mindscape.

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  • Still: Beyond the Fire

    Beyond the Fire

    17 Jun 200921 Jun 2009

    A powerful and tender drama about secrets and scars of the past threatening a new relationship.

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  • Still: The Disappeared

    The Disappeared

    17 Jun 20094 Jul 2009

    Debut director Johnny Kevorkian creates a dark mythology to transform familiar surroundings into something worthy of your nightmares.

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  • Still: The Blue Tower

    The Blue Tower

    23 Jun 20099 Jul 2009

    Mohan is caught between personal dreams and family pressures in this intriguing domestic thriller set in Southall.

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  • Still: Dummy


    24 Jun 20099 Jul 2009

    A striking debut from Matthew Thompson with three extraordinary young actors in the leading roles.

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  • Still: Mad, Sad & Bad

    Preview: Mad, Sad & Bad

    1 Jul 2009

    A special preview of a new comedy drawing on the friction between the brothers and sisters of a mixed-race family in Luton.

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