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Still: Made in Hong Kong

Made in Hong Kong: Films from a New Decade

12 Oct 200716 Oct 2007

This month we have a short season of films made in Hong Kong over the past 10 years, since the city was handed back to China. This decade has seen the film industry in Hong Kong go from strength to strength, creating a new identity while looking back at the area's history. Among these films, gangland thrillers, a lush musical and a bittersweet piece of animation tackle such issues as identity, the legacy of colonialism and how Hong Kong reacts to mainland China.

With thanks to Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London and the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society for their co-operation in making the films available, and to Applause, Panorama Distributions, Celestial, MVP, Man 5 Productions, Golden Scene, Wide Vision, Universe, BMA and HK Film Archive for their support.

  • Still: Full Alert

    Full Alert

    12 Oct 2007

    An explosive action thriller from Ringo Lam that captures the sense of drama and danger on Hong Kong's meanest streets.

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  • Still: My Life as McDull

    My Life as McDull

    13 Oct 200715 Oct 2007

    A rare screening of this beguiling animated classic, the tale of good-natured little McDull and his busy, baffling world.

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  • Still: Perhaps Love

    Perhaps Love

    13 Oct 200716 Oct 2007

    Bob Fosse goes to Shanghai! A gorgeous big-screen musical with huge, sweeping numbers, and a flashbacky love-triangle plot.

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  • Still: After This Our Exile

    After This Our Exile

    14 Oct 200715 Oct 2007

    Beautiful depiction of a father-son relationship in rural Malaysia, the first film from new-wave luminary Patrick Tam after a 17-year break.

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  • Still: Made in Hong Kong

    Made in Hong Kong

    14 Oct 2007

    Cult Hong Kong gangster film with a teen drop-out charging into Triad territory but never quite shaking off those adolescent angsts.

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  • Still: Golden Chicken

    Golden Chicken

    15 Oct 200716 Oct 2007

    A superstellar cast - Sandra Ng, Tony Leung and Andy Lau among them - populate this moving, charming tale of one Hong Kong woman's life story.

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  • Still: Ordinary Heroes

    Ordinary Heroes

    16 Oct 2007

    Our Made in Hong Kong season closes with an awards-laden tale of love and politics in 1970s and 1980s Hong Kong, with a great performance from Infernal Affairs and Exiled star Anthony Wong.

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