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Still: Jerusalema

London African Film Festival

29 Nov 20087 Dec 2008

We have features and documentaries in our selection from this year's London African Film Festival, and filmmakers join us for most screenings.

Organised with the Royal African Society, Africa at the Pictures and the School of Oriental and African Studies

  • LAFF party image

    London African ICA Party

    29 Nov 2008

    Launching the London African Film Festival with an coustic set from Muntu Valdo, and DJs.

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  • Mo & Me

    1 Dec 2008

    Salim Amin, only child of photojournalist Mo Amin, reflects on the life of his frequently absent, globe-trotting father.

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  • Still: Arlit, Deuxième Paris

    Arlit, Deuxième Paris + Q&A

    2 Dec 2008

    The scandalous working conditions in a Nigerien uranium mine are uncovered.

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  • Still: La Maison Jaune

    La Maison Jaune

    4 Dec 2008

    A sublime and moving piece of film-making from the arid landscapes of Algeria.

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  • Still: Terra Sonâmbula

    Terra Sonâmbula + director Q&A

    6 Dec 2008

    In war-torn Mozambique, young Muidinga searches for his mother. Award-winning drama adapted from the great book, plus a director Q&A.

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  • Still: En Attendant Les Hommes

    En Attendant Les Hommes

    6 Dec 2008

    In a society dominated by religion, tradition and men, three women express themselves without restriction.

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  • Still: Jerusalema

    Jerusalema + Q&A

    7 Dec 2008

    This edgy and energetic film maintains a distinct South African voice with a winning performance from Rapulana Seiphemo at its centre.

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